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At the time when I arrived in Fes…

… Mohammed was in Marrakesh himself, but he still offered me his couch at his home on the outskirts of Fes where he lives with his mother. His mother came to pick me up at the station and was very kind, although I couldn’t communicate with her as she didn’t speak English or French. For that reason and the fact that the home is quite far from the Medina I decided to stay just one night. But it was a nice experience anyway. I kept in touch with Mohammed and met him in Marrakesh where he had some problems as he was out of money and couldn’t go back to Fes. Sorry to meet him under this circumstances, but still Mohammed is a very kind and helpful guy who first helped me to stay at his mothers place, later helped me to find a place in a Riad in Fes and later when we met it was nice to talk and hangout with him in Marrakesh. Hope to see you again when I go to Morocco next time and hopefully that time under better circumstances.

— Pepijn